Traveler’s Bar: 5 Tips To Approach This Niche

//Traveler’s Bar: 5 Tips To Approach This Niche

Have you ever thought about owning a Traveler’s Bar? If you haven’t, here you will find five tips that could, perhaps, make you start thinking about it. It could be a Bar or a Cafe, what matters is that you are able to make travelers feel at home. Whether you live in a big touristic city or a small town, a Traveler’s Bar is always a good idea.

Traveler's Bar

1- The Atmosphere of a Traveler’s Bar

One of the good things about a bar which is known to be a traveler’s bar is its atmosphere. It is the kind of bar you go to expecting to meet new people, to make friends and, of course, talk about traveling experiences. That brings a great atmosphere to the place because people can relate more to others. At regular bars, usually, you can only relate to your friends and it is a bit harder to make connections.

Traveler's Bar

Because it has a great atmosphere, you will realize that now only travelers from another cities or countries will go to your business, but also the locals. Who doesn’t like a place where you can just chill with their friends?

2- Hosting Events

If you don’t know yet, there are some social medias specialized in connecting travelers from all around the world. Couchsurfing, for example, is an app (and a website) where you can meet possible hosts, people that would let you stay in their houses for free for a certain period of time. But that’s not all Couchsurfing do, its community is so large that they usually like to get together and hang out with fellow travelers.

Traveler's Bar

Depending on the city you are situated those gatherings could have a lot of people. And usually, they like to do it at a place where they can all feel comfortable with. Nothing better than a traveler’s bar, don’t you thing?

3- Pricing

One thing you should be careful when opening a travel’s bar is your pricing. Remember we are not talking about tourists. There is a difference between a tourist and a traveler. Tourist is that person who has saved money for that one trip. That kind of people who like to enjoy, most of the times, luxury and everything the city might offer. Traveler, on the other hand, is almost a profession. Travelers are constantly traveling, therefore, they are always saving money; finding cheaper places.

Traveler's Bar

That doesn’t mean you have to lower the prices. Just don’t worry too much about spending money on things that don’t really matter. That would probably help you to offer a good and quality service for a fair price.

4 – Decoration

The simple the better. What matters here is that the person feels comfortable. It has to be cozy and welcoming. A lot of traveler’s bars even have the customers helping them with decoration. Find a spot on the wall where you can leave it to people right their names and where they’re from. Hanging the gifts from other countries is also a plus.

Traveler's Bar

When the customers see that, you’re building a connection with them. They will want to be part of that. They will sign their names and even leave a souvenir from their country.

5- Traveler Friendly

Usually, this works more if you own a Cafe, but bar owners can also use this tip. Having a traveler friendly bar means having a place where they can go if there’s nowhere else to go. A place where they not only go to have fun but also to spend time.

Traveler's Bar

There are a lot of travel writers or photographers who need a place to sit, open their laptop and work. Be that place. Remember that they will most likely consume at your bar. Also, make connections, talk to all of them. Travelers are constantly talking to other travelers about places they’ve been. Make them remember you next time the talk about your city.

Hopefully, this was useful for you who don’t know yet about what kind of business you want to have. For more tips click here.

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