Top Famous Foods In The United States: Would you eat them?

//Top Famous Foods In The United States: Would you eat them?

Americans are known for their eating habits. Let’s talk about the top famous foods consumed in the country. A study from 2012 came to a conclusion that about 52% of the United State population believed that doing their taxes was easier than figuring out how to eat healthily. Another study, from 2011, revealed that on average an American consumes nearly one ton of food a year. That is crazy, isn’t it?

Top Famous Foods

Understand that the focus here is not to talk about what is right or wrong, nor which is better or worse. We just want to talk about the five most famous dishes in America.

5 Top Famous Foods

You are not going to find one single favorite food between Americans, for it could vary from place to place. North to the south, east to the west. Here are the top famous foods in the United States:

1. Hamburgers:

Over 13 billion of  Americans eat hamburgers each year. And it doesn’t matter if you like the regular kind or if you eat the vegan ones

Top Famous Foods

2. Hot dogs

Just like burgers, hot dogs are everywhere. And whenever you go to a ball game, eating a hot dog is part of the tradition. If you don’t eat it is like you haven’t fully experienced the tradition. The study says that an average person in the United States eats more than 50 hot dogs per year.

Top Famous Foods

3. Pizza

If there is anybody in America who dislikes pizza, that person is likely to not be from the United States. 94% of the United State’s population eats each year over three billion pizzas. Who can blame them (us)? Pizza is delicious.

Top Famous Foods

4. French Fries

What’s better to accompany the food than french fries? There are so many different ways of doing them. Most of the french fries are delicious, and sometimes people choose the restaurant based on the fries they have. An average person in America eats over 25 pounds of fries each year. Americans consume more than two million tons of fries.

Top Famous Foods

5. Soft Drinks

While eating some of those delicious foods above you need a cup of soda or some soft drinks, don’t you? Well, Americans drink at least one glass of soda each day.

Top Famous Foods

Remember that this is not saying those eating habits are right or healthy. However, for those who are maybe thinking about opening a restaurant, it is important to know those facts. It can help you choose and understand your target customers.

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