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Are you planning to open a Coffee Shop but you don´t know how? Read below some tips and find out a little bit more how to invest in this kind of business that has always a high demand.


The most important factor of your success to set up the location your Coffee Shop. You can have the best coffee in the world, but if potential customers cannot find it, or the access is not easy or so your chances of success while having a cafeteria will be greatly reduced.

The first step in setting up a restaurant is to understand the product that you will offer, in this case coffee. You will need to study a little about it and understand about the combination of aromas and flavors and how to prepare and use the grain.

After finding out the whole production process is time to make a good business plan to test the feasibility of setting up the cafeteria.

Where can I open my business?

The places with the best chance of success to build a cafeteria are:

Next to universities

Large shopping centers

Office buildings

Next to residential with good concentration of people per square meter;

Busy avenues

Heavy traffic areas for tourists

Airports and major medical centers

Shopping centers

Do not just add in the menu just common coffees. You need to have something different in order to attract potential customers. That will make your business a success or a failure. Try to create new flavors and if you have the budget import the grains from other countries.

While planning all of it, don’t forget to create a website, take some photos of the place and of the products. Having a website of your business it will help you in terms of merchandising.

How much do I invest?

It all depends of the size of your Coffee Shop, how many people you will employed, what kind of product you will offer and the quality of it.

All of these things will impact on your budget, so be focused and prepare your business plan. You can also look for a consultancy company in order to guide in terms of financial costs.

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