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Welcome to the World of Templates at Vinows

To scale soaring heights in any business, an infallible online presence is an essential ingredient today.  That means, you cannot ignore the need of a website to make your business grow.

We make sure that all our friends out there who are running hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, bakeries etc reach the pinnacle quickly. So, at Vinows, we reach you with the most intuitive, innovative and enthralling restaurant website templates ever. Our designers have a keen eye for detail and anything that they present before you is nothing but the best.

Template ARA


Template Circinus


Template Serpens





Want a Customized Template?

Didn’t like any of our templates?
Want something more personalized? No Problem! We’ve got you roofed
You can reach us to get customized templates done. We can help you do some interesting graphics that match with your business the best. – All this NO additional charges!

Still Confused? Got Queries? Here are some more characteristics of our templates:

Instant Online Visibility
Once you sign-up with us and create your website, it will be available online moments after. You can make changes you make and save the site instantly.

Search Engine Friendly Designs
It is necessary for every website to rank well on Google. We know that the design of your website can play a major role here. This is why, we add features that make your website more SEO-friendly, so that it can be crawled by Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines quite easily.

No Feature Restriction
Irrespective of which template you choose for your restaurant website, all features will be available. Our templates do not restrict any features.

Switch to New Templates Instantly
Once you pick a template, you do not have to stick to it forever! After creating the site, you can instantly change to a new template at any point of time. Doesn’t that sound convenient?

Easy to upgrade
Your Vinows website can be upgraded at anytime. If you start with the Basic Plan, you can switch to our Business Pro Package at any point of time. It is an advance service plan under which we offer quick support, unlimited blog and events quota, and more storage.

If you don’t want to use our default images, you can go ahead and customize the template as per need. All the templates that we design for restaurant websites support customization. You exercise complete control over graphics, media, and content.

Aren’t you excited already? Go ahead; pick your favorite template today!