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Working with the sale of beer tends to be a good deal, since there is a strong consumption of this drink almost everywhere, but the traditional brand of beer you can find in any corner and even a street vendor on the beach.With attractive websites templates, So in order to differentiate and offer a drink even better is why the artisanal beers is gaining its space and conquering clients.


The beer market

We have a strong culture of consuming beer and USA is among the 20 largest consumer countries of beer, so we have a market already consolidated many years and strong growth trend, mainly to the side of the artisanal beers.

But after all, what is an artisanal beer? It is a common beer, but with different touches that make this product has such a wide acceptance today. So can be imported beers, produced by hand, with old recipes or best quality ingredients.

Another differential of the artisanal beer is no use of chemical additives in beverage production. Some even use, but in very low quantities, which makes this product even tastier.

How to open a beer store?

One of the challenges in the open of store of this kind is to find the ideal place. The important is to look good and busy places that provide good visibility for your establishment, which may be in an avenue, close to supermarkets, shopping malls or restaurants. Basically this is not a place for consumption, but only for the sale of beer and the customer can consume at home.

You can even set up a small tasting room inside the store, but it will not be a place for consumption like in a bar. Also, your store will only need to have the area of ​​exhibition and sale of products, a small stock and a bathroom.

Remember that the stores of this type are quite sophisticated, with a great quality structure, good painting, lighting, beautiful shelves to store their products, freezers to keep some frozen beers and a balcony. You can also buy some wooden tables and chairs for the tasting area and more. So make it good in the decoration of your new store!

While planning all of it, don’t forget to create a website, take some photos of the place and of the products. Having a website of your business it will help you in terms of merchandising.

Important things to consider

Those looking for tips on how to open a business like this one you need to focus on offering the widest variety of brands, thus giving options so that customers can try out the various types of domestic and imported beers. Then you must seek suppliers where to buy their products to resell and have capital available, of even to put together a craft microbrewery and create their own brand of beers.

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