How to open an ice cream shop with low budget

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The summer is coming and a ice cream shop seems a good idea to open as a business for the season. But is not as simple as that. You have to create a plan because usually the sales drop after vacations and you have to implement new things in the menu in order to still attract your customers during the year. So you always have to be prepared financially to innovate.


The truth is that even if you don’t have all the financial resources to start a small business with such a high investment, you can open something small in size and yet generate income for you. That’s how a lot of ice cream business start and the profit is achieved over the months.

The location is one of the biggest expenses of those who will invest in a business and since your goal here is to know how to set up an ice cream shop with low budget, one option settle in a small place which will not require a major expense right away. If you have a commercial point home, then use it to turn your small ice cream shop, but if not, the ideal is to find a space to rent and start it all.

Because it is a small business, it´s better to focus on smaller neighborhoods where there are no major competitors. If you rent the commercial point, choose a good painting or decoration of this space and start working on a cheap but effective communication plan in order the people that live or work by your ice cream shop get to know it. For example, creating a website about you businesses offering coupons and discounts is a good idea.

Certainly it will not be easy to set up an ice cream shop on a budget, because every little thing that will make will need to invest, but as the goal here is to start with something fairly simple, you should start buying a chest freezer with glass cover, disposable cups, paddles for ice cream, cups and common spoons, nothing too much expensive.

Besides, you should buy your ice cream directly from a manufacturer to resell, thus it will be a good investment minimized and all work in manufacturing. With about 10 to 15 flavors you can already start working on your small ice cream shop, especially if there is no other ice cream shop nearby.

The truth is that in any way will be necessary to employ a certain capital. But if you plan well, you can administrate your work with no big concerns.

But if you want something bigger, you have to set goals. You have to find a way to grow this business and make your small ice cream get a larger share in the market. It´s not something that easy and simple.  But if your small ice cream shop is giving positive results and growing in the neighborhood, the ideal is to stay with her and instead of seeking to settle elsewhere, you can save money to open another branch. Always stay focused and plan in steps what you want to do so you can save time and money.

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