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If you’re doing a menu for your own restaurant  here are the steps you must take and factors that you should consider in this process.Not only this, you can take help from attractive restaurant menus templates available online.


1- Choose dishes to offer and the prices for each dish. This is more a business decision than a design problem. But in terms of making an attractive menu, keep variety in mind in general is a good idea. Make sure that there are some economic dishes that are below the average price of other dishes, and add other special options that are more expensive. Always consider offering dishes specifically for vegetarians, vegans, and / or children.

2- Think about offering happy hour. It´s a discount on certain dishes at certain times (preferably hours without much movement), or offer a smaller portion of a dish for a low price for some time.

3- Type the description of the dishes. The casual establishment needs a small and brief description for each menu item. Descriptions and adjectives should be used minimally. A formal restaurant requires more extensive information on the preparation, ingredients and origin of the dish. It is also wise to make a note (with words or symbols) if any of the items below applies:

The dish is more spicy than most of the other menu dishes.

The dish contains any ingredient that many people are severely allergic (eg. nuts).

4- Divide the menu sections. You can sort the food by any of the following:

primary ingredients (such as seafood or pasta)

region (Italy, France, etc.)

style (barbecue, fried, soups, stews)

Or by the time of day (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, happy hour).

Note also that the section of drinks usually comes at the very end of the menu.

5- Select photos (optional). High-quality photos always help sell a better dish. See what current photos of the restaurant’s specialties are available, or if they are acceptable. In general, clip-art illustrations are not a good choice for a professional menu design.

It’s important to remember to always seek consensus among restaurant managers and the chef before moving on during the stages, or you will end up having to make numerous revisions. Note the price change for requests for additions and special preparations. Find out if substitutions are possible and how much they will cost. You may want to make a note of common substitutions on the menu, such as “Replace the baked potato by any other follow-up R $ 2.00 more.”

New covers for the menu are a good idea whenever the contents of the menu change. They warn customers to look for new items and try new selections, including existing items that they had never noticed before.

Never print the menus on a home printer unless you have a laser printer of high quality. The professional printing cost is small compared to the impact of well-printed pages.

Besides, never forget to update your website, if you changed a photo of your menu, do the same for the restaurant’s website. Nowadays it’s very important to keep it updated with informations and photos of the place and the dishes your serve in order to maitain your clients informed or even to attract new ones.

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