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A pleasant and inviting environment is essential for business, but sometimes it ca be expensive. One solution is to appeal for simple, cheap and creative alternatives  to renew the environment without spending too much. See below some low cost tips to decorate your restaurant with attractive websites templates , bar or coffee.


Define your style

Every room needs to be defined by a style. From this stage you can choose furniture and wall color without making mistakes. Some common styles are:

– Classic: The classic style is based on decorative models of ancient Greece and Rome. The walls are high and adorned with details in plaster, the furniture should be in dark wood to give dramatic. The counters must be in white marble to cause contrast and highlight. Chairs of this style have high back. You can combine the chandeliers and lamps following the same style.

-Modern: The modern style consists of a clean environment, with straight lines in furniture, mirrors and light.

-Rustic: The rustic style can be composed of reused wood or worn, simple metal chairs and concrete floors or common pottery.

Vintage: Vintage style refers to 40’s or 50’s. The decor is very colorful and vibrant and it can be composed floors with alternating colors, upholstered chair with material similar to leather and formica tables. To decorate the counter, electrical appliances in red, yellow, green or black.

Some tips can renew your environment without spending much money.


The walls may become more stylish when composed of enriching elements such as wood or wallpaper, but the wood is very expensive and also the wallpaper. To cheapen choose to reuse wood or fabric. The fabrics for sofa or curtain coatings have on average more than 3 meters wide and far less cost than the wallpapers available. By choosing a fabric, choose the one with good firm texture. The design should follow the style set, so do some research before you go shopping.


The fixtures will create the cozy atmosphere that you want to decorate your restaurant. Choose long lamps because they broaden the vision and lengthen the environment. To lower the cost of fixtures, look for plastic baskets of homemade food stores and if you need to paint with spray paint in silver tones, white, black or colored, depending on the environment of style. Arrange them along the bar counter, or on some specific points. Use yellow lamps.


The chairs are often very expensive, so prefer to buy chairs and tables used to reform. Another tip is to create a single sofa along the wall. Make a padded backrest and create a one-piece bench with plywood with lining to the customer being able to sit.


The wooden tables can be sanded and repainted. It’s much cheaper than choosing to buy new tables. Use creativity and inspire in accordance with the style that defined the environment.

Enjoy and all the tips to decorate the restaurant and make your business successful. And remember to load some photos in your restaurant’s website. The customers always like to see some picture of the place before going to them.

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