Food Tasting Event Hosting At Your Restaurant

//Food Tasting Event Hosting At Your Restaurant

What better way to promote your restaurant and make it known than hosting a food tasting event? Just think about it. Having your best dishes and drinks prepared to clients that are usually there to taste and test your food and service.  If you really trust the service you provide this is a great way to engage people.

food tasting

Choose a good date, and make this event something unique. Use your social medias and website to encourage food experts, bloggers and writers and even YouTubers to go. Those professionals have the power to influence other people. Being able to bring influencers to your event will put you in a great spot.

Why Food Tasting?

The answer to that question is simpler than you think. Food tasting is getting so popular around the world. Every day more and more events pop-up. More and more people are talking about it, reading about it and writing about. this is your chance to put your name out there.

That’s not the only reason, though. Travel blogs are also very popular these days, and people not only follow the travel tips but also the food tips they give. you should really think about it. Especially if your restaurant is located in a tourisic city. If you are not located in a touristic city is even better. Because hosting an event like this one and being know for great food and service will make your diner the hot spot of the city.

Things To Do

  • Setting it Up

As mentioned before, make sure you have good marketing strategies to let people know the event is happing. Using social media, blogs, websites and everything you can to spread the word. Make a guest list is also important. Find out people that can really contribute to the success of the event and invite them to participate.

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  • The Menu

Even if your place has all different kind of food, this is the time to focous. You will not be able to cook all kind of stuff and still impress every single person. Choose the best type of food you serve and make sure it is spotless, perfect.

  • Drinks

Make sure the drink you serve go well with the type of food. Altough some people might like it, you don’t want to serve pizza with beer. Wine would probably be better.

cold drinks

  • Food Setup

When setting up the place, you have to think it through and put everything where it belongs, where it should be. Hiring some expert for that porpouse would help you a lot.

food tasting

Now all you have to do is enjoy the event, walk around, talk to people. Make sure everything goes smooth. Encourage everybody to take pictures and post it on the internet. Also remember them to rate your place on google search engines.

After all of that, you are definitaley going to see your place booming really soon. Good luck!

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