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To welcome your customers good chairs and tables are the key items. They are important to increase the level of satisfaction and comfort that you can provide.The comfortable chair for restaurants.

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The choice of chairs and tables should ensure that it is not necessary to close the restaurant for furniture reform for a long time. So to evaluate the relationship “cost X benefit” during the process of selection of chairs is very important.

Raw material

Resistant materials such as solid wood should be preferred, because with the proper finish it has a long life. A good chair in wood, with proper care, have a great life. Steel is another option, but loses to the timber for not offering the charm and feeling of comfort of the wooden furniture. Wood is a noble and resistant material and its good looks depends on how is done the finish.


The type of material used in manufacturing and finishing are important for ease in maintenance. To reduce costs some companies make the wood finished with cheaper products to nitrocellulose base. This decreases the cost of production and hence the selling price, but also reduces the service life of the chair and increases the cost of maintenance. Chairs and tables painted with nitrocellulose-based products tend to have white spots mainly in the feet due to contact with moisture and cleaning products.

Professional chairs should be made of more durable materials, reducing operating costs. Its paint should preferably be made with products based on polyurethane or polyester, more resistant to wWebsite Templates for Restaurantear and to attack by chemicals.

Interior design

Sober, classical, happy, young, typical interior of a restaurant architecture should be in line with the proposal of marketing and your target audience. In the choice of chairs is no different, the design of the chairs should be in line with the proposal of setting and room design.


More comfort means more satisfied customers. If the customer stay longer at the table, this additional time will pass on increased consumption and enterprise billing; so comfort is key.


Mobility is a key quality for a chair as well as beautiful is a “facilitator” of the hospitality activities, gastronomy and events. The chair should be tough, that does not mean you can double the thickness of the components to achieve the required strength, or runs the risk of creating chairs that only superheroes can raise. They should be light enough that you can lift with one hand.

When updating your restaurant’s website, load some pictures of the place, so the customers can see how is the design of the place. A well decorated and pleasant restaurant always attracts new clients.

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