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Web Page: 5 Reasons Why You Need One

You are probably thinking why your business needs a web page. After all, your business is doing well, and people already know who you are in your neighborhood. There're ways more to do, more to improve and by the end of this post you will realize a web page is what is missing to boom [...]

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Online Delivery Services Apps For Your Business

If you have a restaurant, no matter what kind of food you serve, it's always good to open your reach. Going towards online delivery services might be what you need to boost your business. Technology is taking over and it's becoming a great tool for customers and for business owners. Having a website is the [...]

2018-01-24T15:11:41-05:00 September 21st, 2016|Marketing Tips for Restaurants|

Sustainability: Restaurant Furniture Design

Have you ever thought about how sustainability can affect your restaurant business? Environmental issues are getting more visible every day. People are becoming more aware of everything that is going on in the world, especially when it comes to sustainability. What is sustainability? Firstly let's understand what sustainability means. There are many definitions for this [...]

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Pokémon Go and The Restaurant Community

Pokémon Go is a free app which you can download for both iOS and Android platforms. The game was released in July 2016, initially in some selected countries, but now it has gone viral. More than 140 million people worldwide are playing Pokémon Go and the number is still growing. How can business owners use [...]

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Offline Marketing: 5 Great Tips To Help Business Owners

With the growth of the internet and social medias, offline marketing conversations got in disuse. A lot of business are not taking for granted the great results offline marketing can bring to their company. If you are looking for some ways to boost your business together with all the social media, website, and online marketing, [...]

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Small Business and Their Marketing Strategy

Whether you own a small business, or you are thinking about opening one, this article is for you! Let's begin with a simple question: How many small businesses do you come across every single day? If you stop to pay attention to that, you will be amazed at how many businesses there are in America. [...]

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Who Is Your Restaurant’s Ideal Customer?

The ideal customer is the type of client every restaurant needs to have. It is the client that matches better with your restaurant style. Having an ideal customer defined is important because no restaurant can serve all kinds of customers. It is necessary to understand who is your target public and what it is that [...]

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Bartender: What Is The Average Salary?

Do you want to hire a Bartender? Need to know what's their average salary? You are about to find out the wage is not the only thing that matters. Here's what you should know when hiring. We based this week's topic on the information that Starbucks has recently promised their store employees and managers a [...]

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Good Marketing Strategies For Your Restaurant

Marketing strategies are not something you only see on books. If you have a restaurant you must be able to think about good strategies to boost your place. Whether it's online marketing or not, you need to be aware that business need good marketing in order to survive. When we’re talking about restaurants you have [...]

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Customer Service Is Essential For Your Restaurant

How good is the customer service delivered at your restaurant? This is a really important topic to be thinking about. Successful restaurant owners say that having a good customer service is essential to your success. It is important though, to understand what a good customer service is like. It needs to be understood that customer [...]

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