Airbnb Is Helping Restaurant Industry Around The Globe

Airbnb is one of the most famous companies in the world. It basically helps people who are traveling to find cheaper (most of the time) accommodation, connecting them with homeowners who are willing to share their properties with strangers. It is a network that enables people to list or rent rooms or even the whole [...]

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Brazilian dishes: Have you heard of them? Would you try it?

Today, September 7th is Brazilian independence day and because of that we are going to talk about three different Brazilian dishes everybody has to try at least once in their lives. Brazil is a great country and if you have never been there, it's about time to start planning your trip. It is a continental [...]

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Top Famous Foods In The United States: Would you eat them?

Americans are known for their eating habits. Let's talk about the top famous foods consumed in the country. A study from 2012 came to a conclusion that about 52% of the United State population believed that doing their taxes was easier than figuring out how to eat healthily. Another study, from 2011, revealed that on [...]

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Margherita: 3 Interesting Facts About This Flavor

Margherita pizza is one of the best pizza flavor in the world, it is also one of the most famous ones. If by any chance you still don't know or have never tried this flavor (like that's possible) here is what it comes with: tomato sauce and, optionally, fresh tomatoes (red), mozzarella cheese (white) and basil (basil). [...]

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Food Trends: Things you should know about!

Whether you are opening a restaurant or willing to improve your menu; understanding and knowing the food trends for your public will definitely help you a lot. Of course, there are different types of food for different sorts of people; that is why you need to understand more about your target public. Only then you [...]

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5 Interesting Facts About Fast Food You Din’t Know

Fast food is the most popular kind of restaurant there is. It is a mass-produced food which is prepared and served really quickly. It doesn't matter what kind of food you usually eat; you can always find a different restaurant chain that has what you want or need. Here you will find five interesting facts [...]

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5 Interesting Facts About Chinese Food

Chinese food is everywhere nowadays, not only in the US but it is spread all around the globe! Well, China itself has most of the living souls from the whole world, so it’s not that hard to imagine why Chinese cosine has grown bigger and popular. It’s said that in America, Chinese food became popular [...]

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Liberty Statue, Crêpes, Croissant. Is it French legacy?

Everybody knows France is a lovely place, everybody knows French food is delicious. But how much of France is there in America? Have you ever stopped to think about things that are common for you, things that you see or hear about everyday and you don’t even realize is from France? Luckily, that’s why were [...]

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5 Bellissimo Italian Dishes that Make You Go Mmmm!

Magnificent history, rich culture, tempting cuisines, and tasty wines, this is what makes Italy admired by so many people. Probably, it is the rich taste and variety of flavors that makes this cuisine so popular around the world.In fact, this awesome place drenched in prosperous culture and astounding history is what makes this place so [...]

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