Airbnb Is Helping Restaurant Industry Around The Globe

//Airbnb Is Helping Restaurant Industry Around The Globe

Airbnb is one of the most famous companies in the world. It basically helps people who are traveling to find cheaper (most of the time) accommodation, connecting them with homeowners who are willing to share their properties with strangers. It is a network that enables people to list or rent rooms or even the whole house for short periods of time. Airbnb has over 2,000,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities spread in 191 countries in the world.


The company has over 2,000,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities spread in 191 countries in the world. It was founded eight years ago (2008), and its headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. You can use their services by going to their website or by downloading the app, which is available for either iOS and Android platforms.

Airbnb and the restaurant business

The home-sharing company says that last year they have helped restaurants to generate over $4.5 billion in revenue. And the reason for that is the fact that, they say, is the location of their services. Airbnb says about 74% of the places listed in their system are located outside of the traditional hotel areas. Also, the fact that their services usually do not include meals makes 42% of their customers to spend money with restaurants in the neighborhood they’re staying.

Travelers Bar

The company also claims that 56% of guests save money by booking with them, which gives them more money to spend on food and shopping.


Even though the company has been fighting regulatory issues in big cities such as New York City, the numbers are pretty impressive. Airbnb hopes to find an ally in local restaurants.

They estimate that they guests have spent over $1.5 billion of the $4.5 billion in major cities in the United States. The average an ordinary guest spends are $50 to $90 per night in restaurants. New York city alone has a pretty considerable amount spent for guests at restaurants in the city last year.


The company says that their guests have spent over $470 million in NYC. And the big apple is followed by LA in America, while London, Paris, and Tokyo are the big spots abroad. Los Angeles’ guests spent about $236 million last year. Whereas, London restaurants were able to earn over $561 million from Airbnb guests. Paris restaurants have earned $430 million and Tokyo $329 million.

So if you own a restaurant you should think about ways to increase those numbers, find alternatives to show all those guests that your business is the best option for them. They are out there, looking for a place to eat, go get them.

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