7 Tips for Delicious Menu Design

Do you own a restaurant? Then you must have a website for it. So, you have already focused on website designs and features to give it a unique look. Well, that’s fine. But, do you know that an effective design for an online restaurant menu design plays a vital role in engaging customers for a long time? This is because the way things look can impact sales.


So, here are amazing tips to design your restaurant menu:

  1. Location Matters

Location here doesn’t mean the address, but the placement of each food item as it can impact the sale of an item. But, how to locate them? Know here-

  • The menu is always written at the top center whether a menu is in vertical, horizontal or includes multiple pages.
  • The logical step to write the first item is always at the top right.
  • After looking at the first item, customers’ eye is then drawn to its further categories that are available at the top left.

Remember, customers never leave the page without scrolling till the end. So, don’t forget to design the other pages amazingly.

  1. Include Images Properly

Images can work and cannot. Why? It depends on the essentials available with you. Though you have hired website builders for your restaurant, it is easy for you to know about image types that can be included. Moreover, you need to hire a professional photographer to take images of your dishes. Images on menu page make customers select the food easily.

Don’t use many images, use them wherever required.

  1. Focus On Typography

Typography is the element that can help you sell items from the menu. So, go for a bold typography. It will help you in maintaining readability. Not only this, it can serve as your main “art” element. Consider some fun pairings of fonts with food items and their categories. It looks attractive and unique.

The techniques of typography allow people to go to the specific items first. Highlight the items that your restaurant is known for or that are available only at your restaurant.

  1. Price Alignment

Menu design includes pricing. Obviously, you don’t want your customers to leave the page just by looking at the prices. Mentioning them is important, but differently. Follow these five ways to avoid the price scans:

  • Don’t use $ for mentioning rates
  • Use nontraditional pricing. For example, write, 15.5 instead of $15.50.
  • Choose subtle colors and typography for pricing. It means your color pairing should be wise and gentle.
  • Mix item’s price instead of ranking them in ascending or descending manner.
  1. Organize Menu with Boxes, Lines, and Color

There are many items to represent, organize them properly. Use colors, patterns, and simple designs to categorize each food item. No matter, what design you choose, make sure, customers can understand your menu without any hassles,

Designing a menu can be a great challenge and a lot of fun. You just need to keep in mind the above-mentioned tips.

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