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Entrepreneurs: Starting a business. Things to do!

There are so many entrepreneurs  around the country planning to start or willing to start a new business. However, open a new business it's not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and preparation, also a little bit of luck. For that reason, so many companies end up failing. The risks are [...]

2018-01-24T15:11:43-05:00 July 30th, 2016|Entrepreneur|

5 Great Tips To Create a Restaurant Website

Having a restaurant website is one the best tools every restaurant owner has on hand to use in their favor when there's a need for bringing more customers to their place. However, you not only have to have a website; but you also need to understand a little bit about the best ways to use [...]

2018-01-24T15:11:43-05:00 July 27th, 2016|Restaurant Website, Tips|

Fried Rice Recipe: How about some Chinese Food?

Do you know that fried rice recipe you've been looking for? Well, your search ends here! This Friday you will learn how to cook a delicious fried rice, just like the ones you get from that great Chinese restaurant you always go to. The best part about this recipe is that besides being really easy [...]

2018-01-24T15:11:43-05:00 July 22nd, 2016|Recipes|

Who Is Your Restaurant’s Ideal Customer?

The ideal customer is the type of client every restaurant needs to have. It is the client that matches better with your restaurant style. Having an ideal customer defined is important because no restaurant can serve all kinds of customers. It is necessary to understand who is your target public and what it is that [...]

2018-01-24T15:11:43-05:00 July 21st, 2016|Marketing Tips for Restaurants|

5 Interesting Facts About Fast Food You Din’t Know

Fast food is the most popular kind of restaurant there is. It is a mass-produced food which is prepared and served really quickly. It doesn't matter what kind of food you usually eat; you can always find a different restaurant chain that has what you want or need. Here you will find five interesting facts [...]

2018-01-24T15:11:43-05:00 July 20th, 2016|Curiosities|

5 Social Media Marketing Ideas

Having social media profiles and accounts for your restaurant is one of the most efficient ways to get more customers into your place. According to Statista, over 75% of the United States population have a social network profile, it has increased from 24% in 2008 to 78% in 2016. No matter what kind of restaurant [...]

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Bartender: What Is The Average Salary?

Do you want to hire a Bartender? Need to know what's their average salary? You are about to find out the wage is not the only thing that matters. Here's what you should know when hiring. We based this week's topic on the information that Starbucks has recently promised their store employees and managers a [...]

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