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Social media marketing for restaurants is booming! If you own a restaurant or you’re thinking about opening one, there are a few things you should worry about. Social media is definitely one of them. Everything today is on the web. Possible customers can be found everywhere now. And having a good marketing, from a restaurant website to social media is going to help you a lot on getting your business out there. Previously we posted five tips on how to improve your social media. It’s time to give you a few more tips that can definitely give you a boost.

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Restaurant Social Media

We’re going to talk about what we believe be the five best social media for your business.


Facebook is one of the best social media to have a page on, almost everybody is on Facebook, and it’s a great way to be close to your costumers. You can promote your business and your services in a way you never thought you could. You can post important things or fun facts about your restaurant, and you’re able to feel the level of acceptance of your target public. You can even set a target public so they won’t miss a thing from your establishment. You can also get feedback from the clients, exchange messages with them and also get them to promote you.


Running a little bit behind but not far from Facebook is Twitter. It is one of the best ways to get in touch with your audience, to be able to feel what they think about you! Some people may think for some reason Twitter is overrated, it is not. People still using it and it is one of the most used tools to complain about services and products. So having a Twitter account is good to understand and know what people are saying about your food, your service, and your restaurant.

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Google Plus

Google Plus, is growing fast just like everything else from Google, it is a great social media. The basics are the same as the ones from Facebook, plus it is also connected to all of your Google accounts.


One of the most used social media nowadays is definitely Instagram. People love posting pictures on the web and also love seeing pictures from other people. There’s no need to buy a good professional camera, you can use your iPhone or Android. Just need a good light, good angles, cool shots from your place and your dishes and you’ll be ready to use Instagram to promote your restaurant. You can create a special hashtag for your place and encourage people to post pictures of your place, and also to use your hashtag. That’s a good and cheap way to promote your restaurant. #StartNow

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Not as known as famous as the others but also a good social media to be on, FourSquare is great. It is basically a social media where people “check-in” a place. The more check-ins you’ve done the better you are. If you have a lot of check-ins in one place, you become the “Mayor” of the place. Once you’re the Mayor, everybody else is going to try to take that away from you. How will they do that? Going to this place as many times as they can. Get it? If you create a competition or something, you’re going to encourage them to go to your restaurant as much as they can. They will do that, but will also share their location with others, talk about your place with friends and again, promoting your restaurant.


There is no way to hide or run away from social media. It is here to stay! So you better embrace it. There are so many others you can also use such as Pinterest, blogs, YouTube, Yelp… Restaurant is not only about food; it is about service and marketing. And social media is one of the best marketing tools!

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Extra Tip: Having social media is great, and having a website is even better. When your have a restaurant website you get connect and link it to all social media and that will make yours and your costumers life easier!

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