Tips When Creating a Restaurant Website

Let’s talk about restaurant website! There are a few important things you should always remember when open a restaurant, one of them is having a website. A website is really important because nowadays Internet and social media is one of the strongest tools of marketing. For that reason we’re going to give you a few tips you should think about when creating a website for your restaurant.

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Logo Placement

You should try to keep your logo on the left top corner of the website, some research have proved that when people open a website they start reading from the left side to the right, from top to bottom. So keeping the logo on the left top corner is a way to make it visible, and it will be the first thing your viewers will see.


Even before start building your website you need to understand and know to whom your website is being made for. You got to know your target audience. What kind of people usually goes to your restaurant or what kind of people you have around your restaurant area. You don’t want to get it wrong so you don’t build a restaurant website to the wrong people. You don’t want to get viewers but no clients; you want to have both, viewers that are possible costumers.

Knowing your audience you’ll be able to understand what kind of design your website will have.

A Simple Restaurant Website

A great restaurant website is always simple. It’s easy to read, easy to browse through and easy to understand. The website menu options must be clear. You have to have a Gallery with pictures of your place and a reservation tab, easy-to-find contact tab. Things like “about us’ and “Events” it’s always a plus. Also if you can, having a blog will help you out connecting with the costumers.

Contact Form and Reservation

The contact from and the reservation form for your restaurant website must be easy to use. Costumers must not find problems or take to long to book a table or to send you a message. Otherwise they could probably try somewhere else.

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Good Set of Images

You’re not the only restaurant website out there, so you better be good. High quality pictures and a clean content is a way of trying to be ahead of others restaurants. Try choosing pictures that not only show the dishes but also the place.

Be active

The process of choosing a restaurant must be a good experience for the client. Try to connect your customers to you, make sure the visitors follow your news, so they know everything is going on. So they know everything about he updates and events. If you’re always positive, open to any kind of communication they might have, always friendly and kind to your costumers you can build a great relationship with them.

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All of the tips above are not all you need to know about creating a restaurant website, there a just an idea you should follow if you doing it by yourself. One last tip we can leave you with is to go to Vinows, a website that can actually help you with all of that. It’s simple and easy to use. Create your website today!

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