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How good is the customer service delivered at your restaurant? This is a really important topic to be thinking about. Successful restaurant owners say that having a good customer service is essential to your success.

It is important though, to understand what a good customer service is like. It needs to be understood that customer service is much more than just phone calls. It starts at the very beginning when a customer comes through the restaurant door, however it doesn’t end with the customer walking out of your place.

Customer Service From The Beginning

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It doesn’t matter what kind of restaurant you have and what your target public is, you (or your employees) must speak appropriately; greeting your diners the instant they get in your place, and trying to always speak their language. But there’s no need to worry here, when I say speaking their language I’m not saying you need to hire a polyglot, although that is not a bad idea at all. But speaking the clients language is to speak to them in a way you’ll make them feel special.

Always listen carefully to them and pay close attention to what they want. Knowing the Menu by heart also helps you to serve them better. And try to repeat their orders to make sure you’re getting it right.

Etiquette Matters

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There are so many small but important things people don’t think about when it comes to customer service, so many to fit in one single post. But try to remember that whether your target public is a businessman or student, etiquette always matters. Knowing simple things such as who do you serve first, what side you should serve and clear food, what side you should serve, pour and refill drinks are important to make your customers see you know what you’re doing and they’re really important to you.

Try not making their dinner experience something they feel like you want them to eat and then leave as soon as they’re done. Whereas make them feel comfortable, like they’re home. Having Wi-Fi is really important nowadays and it’s a great way to make them feel comfortable.

If they enjoy the atmosphere and feel like they were well served they’re definitely coming back, and that, dear reader, is a good costumer service.

Don’t Take Too Long To Serve

You must never make your costumer wait. If they wait too long for the first drink or meal it won’t really matter anymore how good your food and service was, they’ll always remember the delay on serving them. They are already hungry so you better not allow them to get angry. If you do so you’d have the “hangry” costumer. He’s hungry and angry, and win back a disappointed customer is not something really easy to do.

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Dealing With Issues and Complaints

It is great when your customer has no complaints about anything; it’s great when they only say good things about your restaurant. Although, it is really important to be ready to listen to them when something goes wrong. That’s when a good customer service is noticed. Because it doesn’t really matter how well your service is, how hard you and your crew work; there will always be something wrong.

There’s always that one client who’s not satisfied. And for that, you gotta be able to listen intently to their problem. Let them talk, don’t interrupt. Acknowledge the mistake, own it, and make sure they know you are very sorry. Try to understand the problem and come up with a good solution, negotiate with them something is good for both of you.

Solve the problem really quickly and avoid drama. Remember, a happy client sometimes don’t say anything about the restaurant, but an angry customer will make sure everybody knows how bad his experience was.

Connect With The Customer

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Having customer comment cards is good to get to know a little bit more about your diners and understand them better in order to serve them better. And by giving them the chance of leaving a comment you show them you’re worried about them, you’re showing that you really care about their opinion.

Other good way to stay connect to your customers is by having a good restaurant website. A place where they can make reservations, see your menu, get your address and even get in contact with you if that’s the case.

Get your team together and start putting all of these customer service tips in action!

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