Is Pizza the world’s famous dish?

//Is Pizza the world’s famous dish?

One thing everybody knows about Pizza, is that it is one of the most famous and delicious dishes in the world. People all across the globe from all different cultures eat it. But what else do you know about it?

Where does Pizza come from? Is it really Italian? Why does it have this name? What flavor is most famous in America? What are weird habits people around the world have when they’re eating Pizza?

Well, you’re about to find out!


Where does Pizza come from?

There are a few options you can choose from when talking about its origins. People believe Pizza, or its oldest known relative, first appears back in Egypt, Greece and other places in Middle East a long time before Christ. Families used to cook flat bread, which was made with flour and water, a recipe that came from generation to generation. They would add some toppings to it, usually olive oil and spices, today’s known as Focaccia.

Later on, that recipe would get to Naples, an Italian city. And it is in Naples that Pizza as we know first appears. Naples had a lot of works and poor people back then, although it was known as a well-off city. And all these workers and poor people needed something both cheap and easy (fast) to eat. That is when the flat bread appears. They would add many toppings to the flat bread and it would be sold by any street vendors and even some small restaurants, or prepared for self consume. People say that bakeries would make Pizza using the dough they had left for the day and throw it in the oven, then sell it to the poor. Well, the rest is just history…

Why Pizza is called Pizza?

Again, there are many different explanations on why it got its name. But the one that fits the best is this: The word Pizza is Italian for pie, and digging deeper you would get to a Latin word, “pix” meaning “pitch” or even Greek “pitta”. Truth is, Pizza is Pizza and that’s all that really matters.

What’s the most popular flavor?

There’s nothing better to answer this question than using a pizza chart, take a look at the chart below and find out the most popular one:

Pizza Chart
Source: Brian Roemmele/Quora

So as you can see, Pepperoni is by far the most popular flavor in the United States of America.

What are weird habits people around the world have when they’re eating Pizza?

Pizza is spread all around the world, and you’re most likely to find different ways of making it or different ways of eating it. There are regular flavors and there are special ones, there are the sweet kind and the funny kind. It’s all a matter of culture. Below you’ll find the four most funny/weird kinds of habits people have around the world:

  1. Ketchup: Now you may be thinking: “Ketchup? Seriously?” Well my friend, Brazilians love that. They all know there’s tomato sauce on it already, but it doesn’t matter, the more the better!
  1. Knife and Fork: Well, before judging just think about it, when you’re eating that really cheesy slice and it’s leaking all over your hand, well eating with a knife and fork wouldn’t sound that bad either. But of course, nothing is better than the feeling of getting the pizza with your hands and eating like there’s no tomorrow.
  1. Folding in Half and Leaving the best piece for last: While some people like to appreciate every bite and every single flavor, others just like to get done with it as quick as they can. Those people usually just fold the it in half. That makes it easier to eat; some people even say that the mix of the toppings makes it taste better. There’s also that person that always leave “the best piece for last”. You probably have that one friend that says the crust should be the last piece for it’s the best piece; some people say the middle is the one that should be spared. Well, in the end, as long as it is good, don’t matter how you eat it.
  1. Hot, warm or Cold?: There’s always that one person that doesn’t even wait, just go ahead and bite that hot slice of Pizza. Usually they end up burning their tongue, but who cares it was delicious! And what about that other person who waits until it’s warm, not too hot and not cold. It’s got to be warm; otherwise it’s not good! But the weirdo one is that friend who waits until it’s cold to eat, or even better, he waits until it’s morning time. Pizza for breakfast is the best breakfast you can have!

In conclusion, Pizza goes well with so many things, everyone has their own way of making and eating, what really matters is that you’re with people that you care about!  So get out of the sofa and go to the closest Restaurant and order some Pizza for you. Or just go to their website, get their phone number and call them up. It’s up to you!

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