Liberty Statue, Crêpes, Croissant. Is it French legacy?

//Liberty Statue, Crêpes, Croissant. Is it French legacy?

Everybody knows France is a lovely place, everybody knows French food is delicious. But how much of France is there in America? Have you ever stopped to think about things that are common for you, things that you see or hear about everyday and you don’t even realize is from France?

Luckily, that’s why were here for. We’re going to talk about the legacy French people left behind for the United States.


How well do you know the Statue of Liberty?

The Statue of Liberty has been one of the greatest American icons for many years. You might know (or not) that Liberty is a gift from France to the United States. But do you know why was it given to America? Or even better, do you know what is statues original and official name?

The official name given to the Statue of Liberty is “Liberty Enlightening the World” or in French ”La Liberté éclairant le Monde”.

Liberty was designed by a French sculptor called Frédéric Auguste, and built by Gustave Eiffel, whose also the Eiffel Tower engineer. The Statue was built in 1886 and it was given to the United States in celebration of American’s declaration of Independence, in July 4th, 1776. It was also given to America to commemorate a lasting friendship between the populations of both countries.


But if you think the only legacy left for Americans was the Liberty Statue, you’re mistaken!

We’re not talking about monuments anymore. Now we’re talking about food! You can find all over America restaurants and bakeries that are based on French cosine. Below we’re talking about French most popular dishes in the United States:


Crêpe is a French word that means pancake and it is usually made from wheat flour. This delicious dish is not only famous in America but also all around the world. Although is spread around the globe, there are many ways of making it. Usually, fillings for crêpes are things like ham and cheese, eggs, mushrooms and many others. It can be served for lunch or dinner but you can also serve it for breakfast or as a dessert. In this case, common fillings for it are Nutella, whipped cream, sliced fruits and others.



Croissants are other famous and delicious legacy the French left us with. They are typically eaten for breakfast, but we all know they good well any part of the day! There are so many different things to eat them with. The best advice you can get from reading this, is that you should try every single restaurant there is which have Croissant and when there’s no more place to go, do it at home, try mixing it with as many different things as possible, and only after that you’ll be able to choose what goes better with it. Please let us know. We’re definitely talking about it here!


Both are definitely really good and well known desserts, but what about meals, food or other things, did the French left us any legacy? What’s American’s most popular french food?

  • Foie Gras: This is a traditional dish very known for its delicacy. Foi Gras is usually duck liver with a few things aside. Are you down for it?
  • Escagot: This is another traditional dish! It’s basically snails cooked and prepared with butter and garlic, it also goes well with wine!
  • Cheese: You may be thinking, “Why Cheese?” You are going to need French cheese when you’re eating French food. For it is usually served after the main course and before you get the dessert! Can you handle all this food? Let us know!
  • Champagne: There’s no way to talk about the French legacy and not talk about Champagne! You know, the sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France. Nowadays there’s “Champagne” from everywhere, but if you truly appreciate the taste, you know there’s only ONE!

Conclusion about the French legacy

 When you stop to thing about it. There’s French legacy all around you, everywhere you go, from language to costumes, but French restaurants and/or food; and wine and/or Champagne are things that are appreciated the most, ask any customer or any cook/chef. I’m sure they’ll agree.

Vive La France!

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