Latest Website Design Trends which 2016 Have Brought In!

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Website designing and developing trends keep on changing year after year. With attractive websites templates, web designers, developers and marketers need to stay updated in order to make their clients stay ahead of their competition.2016 has brought many new changes in website developing and designing industry, which are a sort of better refinement and standardization of 2015 trends. Let’s take a look –


Material Design

It is a great way to add a touch of graphical elements to the website. It is designed by Google for better user experience. It allows an individual to easily stack or remove the elements according to their preference.

With attractive websites templates, the material design also comprises of built-in animation features that were usually done manually. Hence, it helps reduce the job of a developer.

Here are a few more advantages of using material design –

  • Creation of responsive site

  • Provision of 3D feature, which makes the design visually more appealing

  • It follows the Mobilegeddon update (making the site mobile friendly)


This is another popular trend which allows the creation of an enthralling website. It comprises of two elements called serifs and hand-writing, which are used for the following reasons –

  • Serifs – This element helps make the site legible for different screen sizes. With advancement in technology, variant screen sizes of computers are available in the market. To make the content readable on all screen sizes, serif has been introduced bringing in better user experience.

  • Handwriting – Its purpose is just as serifs’ (add a touch of elegance on the website). But, unlike serifs, it is used in logos, headers, post titles, menus, and business cards.

So, with these two features you can make the most out of it and create an attractive site.

Add More Images and Videos

People often like viewing pictures and videos. Targeting visitors this way helps bring traffic and improve rankings in SERPs.

Implementation of Card Layout

Tile-based designs were a popular trend till 2015. But not anymore! With the advent of card layout, things have changed a lot. It adds more functionality and interactivity to the site because it focuses on imagery, which is a great way for grabbing the visitors’ attention.


Just as images and graphics are attention grabbing, dynamic storytelling is also an interactive way of bringing you to visitors’ notice.

This feature allows businesses to convey their message by telling a story through graphics with textual support. Hence, restaurants and other businesses with beautiful website designs and storytelling helps get better leads and traffic.

Focus on Content –The King of All!

Nowadays, displaying of ads on the sidebars is a big NO. These days, the homepage houses interactive banners which include more of content. Thus, it has become imperative to introduce quality content rather than quantity.

The Bottom Line

These are a few web design trends that are becoming popular in 2016. If you want to create lucrative websites, adhering to these points will help your business stand out from the crowd.

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