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Having a successful event on your restaurant is not something easy to do. Getting a good media, getting people to know about it and embrace the event is really important. But what else do you need to know about hosting a restaurant event? What kind of event should you host?

Successful Event

By reading this you will be able to find some things you must think about before promoting whatever you have in mind, and hopefully it will be a successful event.

Having a website, for example, is something that you are already aware of. If not, click here to learn more about to create your own, if you haven’t got one yet. But it’s not only a website, social medias are everywhere! A good restaurant must have not only a good website but also a good and presentable social media profile.

Planning A Successful Event

Successful Event

You’re only hosting an event at your restaurant after planning it carefully. You want it to be successful and not a failure. So here are something’s you must think about and plan before handed:

  • Best date for the event:

It all depends on what kind of restaurant you have. What kind of food you serve. If it’s something hot and warm, think about hosting and event during fall or winter seasons. If it’s the opposite, then do it on spring or summer.

  • Charging for entrance:

You need to think wisely about this matter. It all depends on what kind of event you’re thinking about hosting. Sometimes the price of free can be too high for you, on the other hand charging entrance could make people not keening to go. You gotta make sure you put pros and cons on the paper before deciding on this matter.

  • It has to be something that would encourage people to go to your restaurant afterwards:

You gotta plan something that matches with your restaurant daily service. Let’s say you have an Italian restaurant and your specialty is pasta. You could do something related to pasta, such as wine tasting, for example. This way, people that attend the event will know that you not only have good pasta but also good wine.

Social Media Event Page

One of the best ways to get your customer engaged in your event is to create a Facebook event and also spread on all other social media. By doing that you will not only be able to send invitations to all of your customers, but also let them invite others. As well as easily inviting people to your event, a Facebook event page allows people to sing up for the event in advance. It could either be by clicking in ‘going to the event’ or by purchasing the tickets, if that’s the case.

That is a great tool because not everybody is good with organizing and remembering event dates. And Facebook events also are usually connected with peoples calendar, which send them reminders prior to the event, so they won’t forget.

But that’s not all you need in order to have a successful event.

Hosting The Event

Successful Event

In order to be a good host, you need to know how many people are showing up, and also be prepared for more or less people than the expected. You better know everything from head to toe. What time you serve this or when you do that. Preparation is the key for a successful event, whether you’re at the door hosting people or in the kitchen helping out. If you are prepared everything will definitely run well.


Well done! You had a successful event; everything went well and according to the plan. Now what? Everything is not over yet, now one of the most important parts of the event begins. The follow up!

You need to go after the people who attend the event, see what they thought about it, collect some feedbacks from them, ask what could be better for future events. That will make them feel special, they’ll feel and see that you care and that’s a big plus for your restaurant.

Also, it is time to share, and post pictures on the internet, spread thoughts about the event, create contents about it. Encourage your customers to do the same! People need to see that you had a successful event. Make people want more and wait for more!


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