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Marketing strategies are not something you only see on books. If you have a restaurant you must be able to think about good strategies to boost your place. Whether it’s online marketing or not, you need to be aware that business need good marketing in order to survive. When we’re talking about restaurants you have to go beyond expected, for there are so many restaurants out there, and you need to make your business known.

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Below you’ll see a few marketing strategies tips you’re going to be able to apply to your business, and hopefully you’ll see good results afterwards.

Marketing Strategies Start With Good FOOD PHOTOS

We’ve talked about Social Media before, so we won’t take long on this topic. So you should know that you have to believe in your business, and posting pictures of your restaurant is a good way to get people to go there, however posting pictures of your dishes is even better. People love seen pictures of food on the web, especially on Instagram. It doesn’t matter how simple the dish might be, as long as is well set and lighting is good. Posting pictures on the web is one of the greatest marketing strategies.

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Loyal Customer

You probably have seen or heard about loyalty programs when traveling, or when buying stuff. That is definitely a great strategy for your business. Making your customer loyal to you means he’s coming back. And he’s not only coming back once, you’re be often seeing him around.

Try to find a way to keep your customers engaged to your restaurant. Whether you do it by an app, so they can check-in and earn points for every check-in, OR by giving them stickers so they can save them until they have enough. Think about something to encourage them to always eat at your place.

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Great marketing strategies for this matter such as giving them a free meal after completing a certain task you give them after going to your place multiple times, or giving discounts every other meal; there are so many good ideas you can use to make your customer loyal to you.


Everybody on the restaurant business knows how strong and powerful Yelp can be to his or her business. Getting good reviews there is a great way to get more customers at your restaurant. People often go to Yelp in order to find a good Restaurant to eat. So make sure you add as many details as possible about your restaurant. Things such as photos, locations, Menu, and more importantly your website. Having your website there, will encourage the customers to visit it. Once they’re at your website, then they can make reservations get in touch with you and many other options.


When it comes to marketing strategies, blogging is one of the best tools you can have. It is a good way to connect with your customer, to let them experience your restaurant personality. You can talk about things that happen at your place, stories, recipes, funny things… Anything you believe will make them feel closer to you. Open space for other bloggers to possibly post on your blog too or make posts about your restaurant.


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Your Staff

Use your staff as a marketing strategy! Customer service nowadays is so robotic; people don’t feel like they’ve been interacting with other people anymore. Whether is on the phone or even in real life, everything is so robotic. Make sure you train your staff to treat people individually, like it should be. Everybody has their own experiences and that’s good! By giving your customers a special and unique treatment you’re definitely creating a good connection, making them loyal.

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Those are a few marketing strategies tips we have for you, apply them to your business and let us know how better it got!

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