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When you’re opening a restaurant or making a new menu, it’s normal that some doubts may appear such as what kind of drinks to add, new and delicious plates and what kind of desserts can be added in order to satisfy your customers.It’s important to be creative and classic at the same time. If you choose classical desserts tips such as cheesecake, certainly the majority of the clients will like it. What it is essential is create a dessert menu that is versatile for all kind of tastes and that are made with quality.



Always think of the classical tastes and the new trends that are in the market. When you provide both of them for the clients, your dessert menu will be complete. It will be a secure choice when you choose different types of desserts.

– Cheese Cake

This is a classic option. There are several recipes for cheese cake around, the most common combines a crunchy crust with a creamy cheese filling with blackberry.

– Cupcake

The cupcakes are also gaining more and more space. These delicious cookies with coverage are practical and can be made with various types of ingredients. Even the cupcakes are now a great business opportunity, much for their ease of preparation and also the success they are doing.

– Brownie

This is a typical American dessert. Half Biscuit, half cake, brownies are done in trays and cut into small squares. The brownies can be accompanied by ice cream.

– Waffle

The waffle dates back to its origin there in Belgium. It is very ease to be done and it can be served with ice cream and different kind of sauces.

– Cookies

Cookies are very classic and an easy dessert. But you can differ by adding different ingredients such as pieces almonds, walnuts, white chocolate, strawberry etc.

– Frozen Yogurt

As the summer is coming, the Frozen Yogurt can be a good option for the meny. It’s part of the team of healthy desserts and makes success in the fitness world, because it has less fat in its composition than the ice cream. Usually it’s served with fruits and sweet sauces. It’s an excellent option for anyone who wants to take a break in the ice cream but does not give up a cold dessert.

– Chocolate Truffle

The chocolate truffle is a temptation for those who are addicted to this kind of sweet. Usually prepared with fine ingredients, it is an excellent dessert to enjoy after a fine meal. It’s a delicate dessert and it requires a certain technique to be prepared.

– Dutch Pie

The Dutch pie is simply a delight. It usually has a basis made of cookie. Its filling is a Dutch cream and its cover is made of chocolate. It’s a classic option for the menu and many people enjoy this kind of dessert.


When you have your dessert menu ready, upload some photos on your website in order to be updated and to show your customers what kind of food you serve.

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