Business: 3 Apps to Boost your Social Media

//Business: 3 Apps to Boost your Social Media

There are so many good ways to boost your business, using social media is one of them. Nowadays it is extremely important to interact with your customers. There are a lot of good ways of getting closer to your restaurant’s target public. However, using the Internet to be able to get closer to your clients is by far one of the best and more efficient ways to be in touch with your customer.


First of all, having a business and not having a website is unacceptable. With social media booming as it is, having a website is the least you can do to be competitive in today’s market. People like to use social media to express and expose their private life to their friends and other people. Therefore if they’ve been to your place and they liked it, they will likely share with other people. Besides, having a website helps you to tell people who you are, what you do and how you do it.

After having figured out your site, you ought to choose in which social media you will have a profile. For restaurants, some particular social media are recommended, check out here our previous post about the social media you should have a profile on.

Boost Your Business

Let’s cut to the chase; we are here to talk about the three apps that will help you boost your business. People are very visual; thus you are likely to catch people’s attention by posting good pictures of your place or things you offer. And here are some apps that will help you editing the photos to make them look better.

1 – Instagram


Instagram is not only an app which can help you to edit a picture, but it is also social media. By downloading Instagram, you will have two in one. This app is available in either iOs and Android platforms, and it is free.

2 – VSCO Cam


VSCO Cam is one of the most popular photo editing apps there are. It is one of the most popular apps to edit pictures. A lot of people use VSCO Cam to edit a photo and then post it on Instagram. This app is available in either iOs and Android platforms, and it is free.

3 – PicLab HD


This app is also really popular; however, most people don’t know it. PicLab HD is the app which most of the inspiring images with inspirational messages are made. It is a great app to make those viral pictures we see every day. This app is available in either iOs and Android platforms, and it costs $3.99.

There are so many other great apps out there, some free, some paid, what is important is that you understand your industry well and use social media to help you to boost your business.

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