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Impress a customer is not an easy task! Often times we find ourselves thinking about ways to do more, be more. What ways that could possibly make people easily impressed? That is really difficult! Especially today with the Internet, people have seen a lot of things already. And if it’s difficult for ordinary people, imagine for restaurant owners?



Impressing a customer might be even herded when it comes to the restaurant business. He could be inside your restaurant and comparing it with a similar place on the other side of town. But all is not lost! There are a few tips that can make things a little bit easier for you. Pay close attention to the following tips and try to use it on the daily basis with your customers!


You should think of our customer as a partner, not only somebody you provide service. Meaning, ask for opinion, for inputs, be open and willing to hear what’s on your customers mind. That’s definitely a good way to impress a customer.

Impress a Customer By Being Honest


One of the best ways to impress a customer is to simply be honest with him or her, don’t make excuses if something is not the way it was supposed to be, don’t lie about why his order is not ready yet. Just be straightforward, tell the truth. That doesn’t mean he’s gonna get less angry, but he’s definitely getting impressed for seen you’re not trying to fool him.

Meaningful Conversation

Don’t be robotic! Of course you have to be polite, but don’t start a conversation with your customer if you’re not willing to fully pay attention to it. That goes for small talks as well. Only ask something to your client if you’re interested in what he has to say about that matter. We all know when the person is interested in what we are saying! Engage yourself and your employees to be able to have honest and meaningful conversation (small talks) with your diners. Making your clients feel at home in a friendly environment is another great way to impress a customer.



Understanding your restaurant, is understanding how to impress a customer! Knowing your table’s settings for example, what is the best seating arrangement? What’s the best table at your restaurant? Why not offering the best seating to that regular client? He’s going to feel special and he’s definitely coming back! Also, impressing a newcomer with your best table is not a bad idea either, is it? Think about how happy he would be for seating in the best spot of the restaurant!


Find ways to introduce technology to simple things. What about a fun and easy 3D Menu? Or anything your customers can use while waiting to be served. Be creative! It doesn’t need to be anything that fancy, a good clean a complete website is already a start. Having a good restaurant website is the best way to have that first good impression!


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In conclusion, you should know it’s not easy to impress a customer, and impressing a customer is something you gonna have to be working on everyday for the rest of your life. Things change, people change, we are all in constant improvement, and your restaurant has to follow that in order to impress people!


Keep up the good work!

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