5 Social Media Marketing Ideas

//5 Social Media Marketing Ideas

Having social media profiles and accounts for your restaurant is one of the most efficient ways to get more customers into your place. According to Statista, over 75% of the United States population have a social network profile, it has increased from 24% in 2008 to 78% in 2016. No matter what kind of restaurant you have, you will most likely find your customers on the web.

Even before getting social media profiles for your dinner, you should consider having a website, a place where you can direct all of your customers to. A site will help you sharing your menu, location and many other things you might want or need to share with your clients.

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Social Media Marketing Ideas

1 Hashtags
When having a Twitter account, you need to join in the weekly hashtags; that would engage your clients, get them to see you. Use things like #ThorwBackThursday and you will see, more shares, likes and followers coming to your profile, and subsequently to your restaurant.


2 Follow your competitors
Following your competitors on social media will help you to understand what kind of posts they get more likes and shares, for example. You will understand your competitor better, and will work harder to be better than he is.

3 Interaction
Getting out in the streets is also a great thing to be doing. Hand out flyers, putting up posters and get the customers attention. But instead of the ordinary flyers, use a QR code, for example. Connect the QR code with your website or Facebook page, or even to your location.

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4 Social Media Contests
Encourage your customers to take pictures when eating or drinking at your place, then create a photo contest. Every week you will choose the best photo, the winner gets a free meal or drink, for example.

5 Be “approachable.”
Make sure you interact with your clients socially as well as personally. They need to feel like they are part of the process, encourage them to comment and rate the service, the place and the food. Not only that but make changes to adapt to what you have been hearing from you customers.


Social media marketing is an excellent tool for restaurants; you just need to be wise, and use it well!

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