5 Interesting Facts About Chinese Food

//5 Interesting Facts About Chinese Food

Chinese food is everywhere nowadays, not only in the US but it is spread all around the globe! Well, China itself has most of the living souls from the whole world, so it’s not that hard to imagine why Chinese cosine has grown bigger and popular.

Chinese food

It’s said that in America, Chinese food became popular when New Yorkers decided to explore more of the exotic Chinatown back in 1880s. But surely that is not the only reason Chinese food is so popular. Whether is the taste or all of the Chinese people who moved to America and changed the culinary introducing theirs. It is really popular today, and that’s what matters!

But how well do you actually know the Chinese cosine? Here are 5 interesting and fun things you probably didn’t know about Chinese food!

#1 Chinese food has a lot of vegetables

Chinese eat way more vegetables than westerners are used to. So if you’re thinking about varying a little on your Chinese dishes, make sure you are okay with eating vegetables!

#2 Eating Bones

Chinese understand meat near the bones is by far the best, and also very nutritious. For that reason animals are usually served with the head and bones. Depending on the bones, if it’s soft enough they’d just chew it up. So you better be careful when eating that delicious fish.

#3 Chopsticks

If you’re thinking about opening a business but you’re not sure yet of what, think about a Chopstick business. China uses approximately 45 billion pairs of chopsticks a year.

Chinese food

#4 Moving Things

One of the things that probably are most interesting about Chinese cosine and you’re not likely to find it everywhere, only if you really go to China, is the variety of different things they eat. Such as insects, scorpions, snakes, rats, pig’s ears, heads, hearts, lungs and so many other things! If going to China, don’t forget to try them all out.

chinese food

#5 Wait, what?

What if I say, “let’s go have some Chinese food” and take you to an ice cream shop? Or “I’ll cook some Chinese for dinner” and end up cooking pasta. Well, I’m not going crazy, it’s understood that ice cream was created in China as well as pasta.

chinese food

There are a lot of interesting facts about China and its cosines, we have no idea of. And hopefully this was a good way to get you a little bit closer to the Chinese culture. Go order some Chinese food now, and I don’t mean Ice Cream or Pasta, go try something new! Find a good Chinese restaurant to go and order something you have no idea what it is.

Ask for the Menu in Chinese and explore!

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