5 common mistakes on restaurant websites

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The home page is one of the most important tools for owners restaurants. In fact, most customers usually check the site of a restaurant before visit him. A website can attract both new as away consumers. Check out a list of 5 common mistakes on restaurants website design that can be avoided.

1) Complicated navigation phone

Try to be in the customers’ shoes. When they are accessing your restaurant website, they will probably be looking throught their mobile phones. And if the your site is difficult to handle and be displayed on mobile devices, there is a great chance of customers go to other restaurants.

2) Visual pollution

It is tempting to use everything that is available for your site, but remember that, in relation to websites, less is more. You should not put so some music that plays automatically. Imagine how uncomfortable customers will be when they are trying to check your site while in the office.

Make sure you are not using Flash, which is outdated and not friendly for those who use the mobile. There is a delay to load and it makes it difficult for search engines and customers to find your restaurant.

3) Menus in PDF

Menus in PDF require customers to click an extra link that takes them to away from your site. And if consumers are on their handsets, PDF documents are usually not easy to read. Moreover, they are also hard to find by search engines. Using a menu located on your own website is simple and easy for everyone.

4) Bad Photography

To attract – not repel – customers, photos of your website need to be more possible attractive. But take food photos is not always easy. Can be a good idea to hire a professional photographer to make a few clicks to your site. Of course, the only thing worse than having ruis photographs is to have none.

5) Information for hidden contact

Many restaurants make it difficult for your customers to find your number telephone, address and hours. Ensure that this information is easy to be found.

Always keep in mind what the customers want and how they behave. Creating a nice but simple website with the most important information about your business attract the customer to visit. The more you put, the most difficult it will be to navigate in the platform.

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